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Computer "Wallpaper" Graphics

Instructions to Install Computer "Wallpaper" Graphics

These zipped wallpaper files are easy to install onto any PC system! They are intended for use as monitor screen "wallpaper" on your PC computer.

1. First click on the appropriate file size based on your system's monitor size and image resolution

All wallpaper files are provided in different pixel sizes:
1024X768, 800X600, 640X480 - 1 GHz wallpaper offers a fourth size: 1152X870
Note: The most common size is 640X480

2. Download the file from the web to your temp directory
3. Go to your temp directory and double click on the desired wallpaper file
4. Follow the prompts to unzip the file
5. Save the file to your Windows or Winnit Directory as a BMP file
6. Click on the Start button on the bottom left corner of your screen
7. Click on the Settings icon
8. Click on the Control Panel icon
9. Click on the Display icon
10. Click on the Background tab
11. Select the unzipped file from the available wallpaper list
12. Click on OK

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